SEDICO Pharmaceuticals Company
  • Dr. Ahmed Aboul Enein
  • Our mission:
    We improve people’s quality of life through providing quality healthcare diverse of products.

    Our Vision:
    To be the most trusted biopharmaceutical in the region, through upgrading the quality of our consumers’ life; by offering high value products, and community added value.

    Our Core Values:
    Sense of Urgency

Our company:
SEDICO is the civilized face of EGYPT in the pharmaceutical industries
SEDICO as a pharmaceutical industry in Egypt is earning encomiums from people across every corner of the world.
SEDICO started production in 1990.

  • Filling unit
  • SEDICO pharmaceutical company has been around for quite a while, as years have gone by, it has become better, stronger and looks ahead to the future more confidently.
    SEDICO typically applies cGMP regulations throughout the operational departments including evaluation of raw materials, calibration of equipments, control, holding and distribution of finished products.
    SEDICO has managed to stick along, very well. The company has stretched, elongated and diversified into newer therapeutic areas while consolidating the existing ones.

SEDICO pharmaceutical products deal with some of the most vital parts of a human system. We will come to that later, meanwhile let’s get a feel of the more vital factors and make out as to what made this company a pretty well known pharmaceutical giant.
SEDICO Pharmaceuticals took the responsibility to get the access to a very important & strategic issue which is Human Insulin production in Egypt.
SEDICO Pharmaceuticals started the big project of insulin production as a new era of production of Biotechnology products in collaboration with Akzo Nobel Corporation to be the first Egyptian company that formulates human insulin among the very few multinational companies producing insulin
SEDICO pharmaceutical produces the different types of Human Insulin in different concentrations.
Some of SEDICO pharmaceutical products have given there western equivalents a run for their money and certainly made a wake up call. In addition to this, they have proved to be pillars for the Egyptian consumer’s wellbeing too.

  • Imalifebluegalaxy
  • SEDICO is unique by its Sterile Areas (which are the largest in the Middle East and North African Region) that are environmentally controlled to obtain filtered air up to 97% - 99.7% particulate-free. The water purification system in SEDICO was designed to supply the production zones with demineralized and distilled water.
    SEDICO Pharmaceuticals is the Pioneer Egyptian Company to produce the instant products such as: Acetylcistein and Silymarin plus sachets.

SEDICO Pharmaceuticals also produces the non-traditional dosage forms such as the soft gelatin capsules, lyophilized products, gels and effervescent sachets. The sound management enables SEDICO to seek the highest quality of raw material from the least expensive sources.

SEDICO products have been selected according to the actual needs taking into consideration the following priorities:
  • SEDICO Factory
    • New products to replace the imported ones.
    • The new technology in pharmaceutical industry and researches.
    • The mutual co-operation between the Egyptian experts and researchers at SEDICO and those of the foreign international pharmaceutical companies according to license agreements.

Training Courses at SEDICO Pharmaceuticals are of the highest possible level of the pharmaceutical industry.
SEDICO Pharmaceuticals has its own Computer Network System of the latest generations connecting all various activities of production, storage and administration to optimize the Q.M.S.
SEDICO Pharmaceuticals made License Agreements with a group of International Pharmaceutical Companies to produce their specialties to replace imported products, to cover the increasing demand and to acquire technology and know- how.
The production facility just seems to have got better and as to date the company can feel a tinge of pride to being one of the largest and most experienced contract manufacturer for a number of multinational companies naming Organon pharmaceuticals (Akzo-Nobel group), which on the other hand owns 24% of the company’s shares.
By the beginning of the new millennium, SEDICO Pharmaceuticals were ready to face one of the most challenging tasks, we started our marvelous project; the 21st Century biotechnology project, to supply the Egyptian patients with a group of products that were difficult to be produced locally in the past, now that dream came to be a truth.
SEDICO Pharmaceuticals have succeeded to build one of the most recent and most advanced biotechnology production units in Egypt that stand equally with those of the multinational companies.
SEDICO Pharmaceuticals is one of the very few leading Egyptian companies that produce the finest Biotechnology products
SEDICO Pharmaceuticals has strategic alliances with several multinational companies; these strategic alliances have resulted in the spawning of state-of-the-art-facility for Bio-technology products, which includes Insulin, Epoetin.
Angikinase: For the lysis of acute massive pulmonary emboli, defined as obstruction of blood flow to a lobe or multiple segments and for the lysis of pulmonary emboli accompanied by unstable hemodynamics, i.e., failure to maintain blood pressure without supportive measures.
Sedonase: Sedonase injection contains a highly purified streptokinase derived from cultural filtrate of beta-hemolytic streptococci of lance field group C. The drug is supplied as a sterile, lyophilized white powder.

Pharmaceuticals possesses excellent facilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.
On 1996, SEDICO Pharmaceuticals has been awarded the ISO - 9001 Certificate by the (BSI) for establishing, Implementing and maintaining quality assurance systems in Design, Development, Production, Installation and Servicing.
On 1998, SEDICO Pharmaceuticals has also been awarded the ISO - 14001 Certificate regarding Environmental - friendly practices.
SEDICO Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest local producers of pharmaceuticals products in Egypt.
SEDICO Pharmaceuticals exports their pharmaceutical products to Arab Countries, Gulf area, and to some African, and East European Countries.
SEDICO Pharmaceuticals pays a great attention to public health care; one of our major issues of interest is diabetes. Arising from that interest, we put a Diabetes center on our website to be a nucleus for focusing our interests in diabetes and as a new service from SEDICO Pharmaceuticals to the public.
At SEDICO Pharmaceuticals company we believe that our community has the right to share and benefit from our business success.
This belief is clearly depicted in an array of SEDICO programs aiming at satisfying some of the community needs.

SEDICO Pharmaceuticals and BSI certificates:

SEDICO Pharmaceuticals departments:
Production departments:
  • Semisolid and liquid dosage forms department.
  • Solid dosage forms department.
  • Sterile liquid dosage forms department.
  • Sterile powder dosage forms department.
  • Antibiotic powder dosage forms department.
  • De-mineralized and distilled water station department.
  • Maintenance workshop department.
Warehouses sites:
  • Receiving ware house department.
  • Material storage sites, including:
  1. Raw material storage department.
  2. Packaging material storage department.
  3. Inflammatory materials segregated storage site.
  4. Rejected materials segregated storage site.
  5. Quarantine site.
  6. Finished product site
  7. Dispensing site
Quality departments:
Assisting engineering facilities departments:
  • Air condition: Boiler, compressor & air handling unit.
  • Electric power generators
  • Work shop

Chairman & Managing Director
Dr. Ali El Ghamrawy

Chief Operation Officer of
Oncology factory:


Chief Financial Officer:

Responsible: Mr.Khaled El Serafy

Chief Commercial Officer:

Administration of Supply Chain:
Director: Ch. Zizi Mostafa

International Marketing & Sales Department:
Manager: Mr. Ahmed Magdy El Haddad

Tender Department:
Responsible: Mr. Mohamed Abdel Aziz Eliwa

IT Department:
Director: Mr. Tarek Mohamed El Ghazouly

Administration Department:
Responsible: Mr. Kamel Sayed Ismail

Quality Assurance Department:
Responsible: Dr. Eman Fekry El Marakby

R & D Department:

Training Department:
Responsible:Dr. Amal Gaber

Human Ressource Department:
Manager: Mr. Kamel El Sayed

Security & Government Relations Department:
Responsible: Mr. Osama Mohamed Saeed

Training Center
Financial Data & Historical Development
Research and Development Spins around Much Better at SEDICO
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