SEDICO's mission is to continually provide highest standard pharmaceutical products to serve the medical community and help people live better, longer,& healthier lives.
This mission will not be completed without focusing on children healthcare.
Therefore SEDICO decided to make children center containing description of our products that are specially produced for children, discussing any disease that could affect your children & also answering any question you send on our mail:

Diseases SEDICO Products
Insects & Fleas Bites Mosquito Foe (Lotion)
Amebiasis Metronal (oral suspension)
Bronchial asthma
Chronic bronchitis
Salbutamol (Syrup)
Aironyl (Syrup)
Guiafenesin (Syrup)
Dextromethorphan (Syrup)
Solvex (Syrup)
Constipation Glycerol (Suppositories)
Cough Guiafenesin (Syrup)
Dextromethorphan (Syrup)
Solvex (Syrup)
Sedopect (Syrup)
Dehydration Hydro-safe (Sachets)
Fever Acetaminophen (Suppositories Pediatric)
Paracetamol (Suspension)
Food supplement Geveral (Sachets)
Infections Antibiotics
Iron deficiency anemia Vitamin C (effervescent instant)
Napkin dermatitis in infants
and neonates
Rasha (Ointment)
Nausea & Vomiting Domperidone (Suppositories)
Nasal congestion Sedopect (Syrup)
Rickets Calcium (Sachets)
Scurvy Vitamin C (effervescent instant)
Teething Jogel (Oral Gel)