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SEDICO has celebrated the successful webinar of iGES which was held on 08 October,2020 via zoom.

iGES is the international gastroenterology Eductional series powered by Eucarbon was succsufully accomplished its first webinar and offering gastroentorolgy updating lectures presented by:
Dr. Ahmed M.Hashim (Egypt): "IBD-IBS...1,2 or 3 diseases "
Dr. Francisco Guarner (Spain): " Microbiome & Immunity "
Dr. Alexander R. Moshen (Austria) : "The Gut-Brain Axis in IBS: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Targets"

The celebration was under the ausipeces of SEDICO Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director Dr. Mohamad Khattab, on a distinguished day 11/11/2020 with the slogan:

"One Team One Goal, We Make It Happen"

A group of colleagues most involved in organizing the activities of the first episode of the International Gastroenterology Educational Series (iGES) where attending:
Managers ,supervisors and PSR of scientific offices, the marketing team members in addition to colleagues from public relations and colleagues from the pharmacovigilance department.
Ms. Reham Kamal (Director of the Office of the Chairman of the Board of Directors) and Dr. Amal Gaber (Director of the Training Department).

The meeting started with a one minute Standing of mourning for the soul of our colleague Dr. Manal Nasrallah, the supervisor of the Upper Egypt office, and giving her a shield from the Chairman of the Board of Directors in appreciation and gratitude for what she presented during her work trip with participation.
An opening speech by Dr. Mohamed Khattab to welcome and thank everyone for the results that exceeded expectations of the webinar.
Then a word from Dr. Ashraf Hamdy (Marketing Manager) and Dr. Azzam Mahran (Director of the Medical Department).

Mr.Fabian Strüngmann (The CEO of F.Trenika) has sent a recorded thanks message to all SEDICO team members, then Dr. Eman Baiomy (The director of the group project managment) has a speech that thanks all the success partners who assigned to manage the conference activities presented the results , which were as follows:

  • The ability to invite 6,200 doctors from different parts of Egypt and to obtain their complete data
  • Reaching the attendance of more than 2,200 doctors for the conference from Egypt, with an attendance rate of 80% of the total attendance in various countries of the world
  • The distinction of the website and social media pages and their impact on the presence of doctors and the volume of interaction that took place and reached unprecedented numbers
  • The ability to organize the work and follow up the work of 260 delegates and supervisors with high performance praised by doctors
  • The ability to conduct 4200 opinion polls for doctors and obtain from them information on ideas and topics of interest to doctors that will be discussed in future scientific meetings of SEDICO.
  • Obtaining information from the survey on topics that doctors wish to interact with in the future
  • Beginning the steps of technological transformation of advertising tools to increase effectiveness and raise productivity
  • Continuous development in selecting the most important and influential doctors in SEDICO products
  • Branding the name of the company and its entry as a strong competitor in the electronic advertising and webinar sector

Attendance participants were honored:
First, in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Khattab (SEDICO CEO)
Secondly, honoring Dr.Raafat Abdel Halim ( CCO)
Third, honoring the attendees with certificated of appreciation & gifts presented by the CEO.

"We All Proud of you our marketing & sales Team memebers
Thank you all"

Thanks Dr .Mohamed Khattab( SEDICO CEO) for your support ever & your appreciation
Thanks Dr. Rafaat Abdel Halim (CCO) God Bless you and we all miss you presence with us
Thanks Dr Ashraf Hamdy, Dr. Azzam Mahran, Dr.Eman Bioumy, Dr.Ahmed Ibrahim, Dr. Racha Abbass & Ms. Heba Galal and Mr.Wael Mostafa.

Date: 11 November , 2020
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Venue: SEDICO Factory, 6th. of October, Giza, Egypt

SEDICO Speakers

  • Dr. Mohamed Khattab
  • Dr.Ashraf Hamdy
    (Marketing Manager)
  • Dr.Azzam Mahran
    (Medical Department Manager)
  • Dr.Ashraf Hamdy
    (Marketing Manager)
    Market overview
  • Dr.Eman Baiomy
    (Product  & project managment Manager)
    Challenges of  New Pharmaceutical World
  • Dr.Ahmed Ibrahim
    (Regional Manager)
  • Dr.Racha Abbass
    (E-Marketing Manager)

Celebration Photos Gallery

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Taken by Hassan Mohamed