SEDICO Pharmaceuticals has launched new concentration of Ultracillin vial : Ultracillin 750 mg, this is the most required concentration nowadays especially in the treatment of URTIs  which are the most common cause of medical visits in children and adults.

Launch was honored by the presence of Dr. Mohamed Khattab (SEDICO CEO) who has the opening speech and he thanks all the team for the previous year 2020 in which all the world was struggling facing the pandemic virus COVID-19.

It was a huge challenge not only for SEDICO scientific offices members in the field but also with the planning , purschasing , production, distribution , finance & every department in the company in order to cope with the new sitution and continue to cover the need of the country by the requested products especially the ones used in the treatment protocol of the COVID-19.

Dr. Mohamed Khattab offers the thank to Ch. Zizi mostafa, Dr. Mona Saleh, Dr. Mohamed Hossam,Dr. Moataz Seif, Mr. Khaled El Serafy, Mr. kamel El Sayed & Mdme Reham Fathy.

SEDICO celebrated the launch at Hilton Pyramids - Dreamland at the presence of Gyna team of the Scientific Offices.

"Ultracillin 750 mg Launch"

Date: 7th. of February, 2021
Venue: Hilton Pyramids , Dreamland - Giza , Egypt

SEDICO presence

  • Dr.Mohamed Khattab
    (SEDICO Chairman of Board & Managing director)
  • Dr. Ashraf Hamdy
    (Marketing Support Manager)
  • Ch. Zizi Mostafa
    (Supply Chain Director)
  • Dr. Moataz Seif
    (Distributor Manager)
  • Dr.Azzam Mahran
    (Medical Director Manager)
  • Dr. Mona Saleh
    (Registration Manager)
  • Dr. Galal Saeed
    (group product Manager)
  • Dr.Marwa Hamdy
    (Gyna Product Manager)
  • Mdme. Heba Galal
    (PR Manager)
  • Dr. Racha Abbass
    (Website Admin Manager)

All Gyna Team Office managers and team members

  • Dr.Diaa Azmy
    (West Office Manager)
  • Dr. Abdo Mekawy
    (Delta Office Manager)
  • Dr. Atef Mostafa
    (Alex. Office Manager)
  • Dr. Magdy Mouris
    ( Upper Egypt Office Manager)
  • Dr.Tarek Abdel Hamid
    (East Office Manger)

Launch Photos Gallery
Taken by Dr. Racha Abbass