CEMTA certificate Accreditation

Thank you for attending our first iGES Webinar: Scientific Update on IBS, IBD and the Gut Microbiota! With 2,800 participants from over 50 countries, the webinar was a great success and we are proud to have received so much positive feedback!

We would now like to thank you for your participation with the CEMTA accreditation hours certificate !

The iGES Certificate reached your inbox is to certify that the International Gastroenterology Educational Series (iGES) powered by Eucarbon provided by Egyptian Society of Internal Medicine (CEMTA).

Moreover, we endeavour to publish the presentations (PDFs) of the speakers as well as the open questions and answers from the webinar.

CEMTA certificate:

Provided by Egyptian Society of Internal Medicine has awarded 3 CPD/CME Credit hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD/CME) according to the CPD standards of Compulsory Egyptian Medical Training Authority. Accreditation Number: 202009010037 .

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