The Allergy & clinical Immunology Unit
Scientific meeting

Allergy & Immunology Conference

Date: 1st of December, 2019
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Venue: Dar El Deyafa Hotel- Ain Shams University , Cairo - Egypt

SEDICO Pharmaceutical Company was the sponsor of the Scientific conference of the Allergy & Immunology Unit of faculty of medicine -Ain Shams University.

The conference was honored by a group of highly experienced professors who give an updating subjects with recent Knowledge on the different refractory allergic condictions & Asthma beside the treatment with steroids.
The conference was based on 2 sessions titled as follow:
1st. session: Refractory Allergic Conditions
2nd. session: Auto immunity and the eye

And the conference was finalized by a proffesional lecture from Dr. Azzam Mahran (Medical Department director - SEDICO) on Flazacor tablets & the breakthrough in steroids therapy.

Scientific Meeting Doctors

  • Prof. Dr.Maged Mohamed Refaat
    (Head of Scientific day)
  • Assistant Prof. Asmaa Saber Abdel-Rehim

Scientific Meeting Doctors Speakers

Session I : Refractory Allergic Conditions

  • Dr.Osama Abel latif
    (Refractory Asthma)
  • Dr.Hoda El Sayed
    (Refractory Allergic Rhinitis)
  • Dr.Shaymaa Hani
    (Refractory Urticaria)
  • Dr.Sylvia Wefky
    (Refractory Atopic Dermatitis)
  • Prof. Suzan Hosny, Prof. Ashraf Okba, Prof. Mahmoud Abdallah,
    Prof.Zeinab Ashour & prof. Mohamed Nazmy
    (Conference Chairpersons)

Session II : Auto immunity and the Eye

  • Dr.Mohamed El Shayeb
  • Dr.Mohamed Rashad
  • Dr.Rasha Youssef
  • Dr.Dina Sheha
  • Prof.Sherif Elwany, Prof. Fowzia Abo Ali
    (Conference Chairpersons)

SEDICO Scientific Office Attendance

  • Prof.Dr.Azzam Mahran
    SEDICO Medical Director
  • Dr.Tarek Abdel Hamid
    East Scientific Office Manager
  • Dr. Rami Abdel Tawab
    Cardio team Manager - East office
  • Dr. Eman Baioumy
    Group Product Manager
  • Dr.Mohamed Ghanam
    East District Manager
  • Dr.Elham Hassanein
    East District Manager
  • Dr.Mai El Kamash
    Product Specialist - Cardio Team
  • Dr.Rana Shabaan
    Product Specialist - Cardio Team

Dr.Deena Fouad
Assistant Product Manager


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