SEDICO presence at
the 13th International Conference
Of Diabetes And Endocrinology In Childhood And Adolescence


SEDICO Biotechnology Business Unit has celebrated the 15 years of Somatropin 4 I.U. as the most reliable growth hormone in Egypt with the 13th. International Conference of Diabetes & Endocrinology in Childhood & Adolescence organized by The Egyptian Society of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes (ESPED) with the most important Key Opinions Leaders.

On the sidelines of the ESPED conference, SEDICO build the highest tower of the world!

Somatropin has a significant role in reshaping the future of thousands of Egyptian children over 15 years  
  • ​More than 11 Million Vials.
  • More than 11 thousand* child
  • 9 out of 10 children on GH therapy in Egypt
  • Improved QOL in terms of growth and psychological status.

*Estimate No. of cases = No. of sold boxes / average case consumption (20 vials per M) / average therapy duration (36 – 60 M)

Somatropin Build the highest tower of the world  
  • ​Somatropin increased height of the Egyptian children over 15 years almost 412 k cm*.
  • Somatropin tower is taller than Burj Khalifa by 5 times, Petronas twin tower & Empire state building by 9 times, Tour Eiffel by 13 times & Cairo tower by 22 times

*total centimeters achieved by somatropin= Expected average in height increase per case over the therapy period * No. of patients

Date:18 & 19 April, 2019
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Venue: Sonesta Hotel - Cairo

Chair persons & Professors Doctors Speakers

  • Dr. Isis Ghaly
    President of ESPED
  • Prof. Dr. Mona Salem
    President of the conference

The conference was attended by SEDICO team

  • Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim
    (Biotechnology Offices Manager )
  • Dr. Reda Abdel Baky
    (Cairo & UE Biotechnology Office Manager )
  • Dr. Mohamed Khalil
    District Manager - East Office
  • Dr. Kareem El Kamary
    District Manager - ALexandria Office
  • Dr. Ahmed Shaltout
    District Manager - East Office
  • Dr. Khaled Sheta
    East Office PSR - BBU
  • Dr. Mai Mamdouh
    Product Specialist  - East Office
  • Dr. Islam Nagy
    Product Specialist  - East Office
  • Dr. Hanan Heshmat
    Product Specialist  - East Office
  • Dr. Hadeer Awad tag El Deen
    Product Specialist  - West Office
  • Dr. Mahmoud Amer
    Product Specialist  - Delta Office

Dr. Hazem Sayed
Biotechnology Product Manager

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