Dr. Mohamed Khattab
SEDICO Chairman
Interview with ME Observer
  • Dr. Mohamed Khattab
  • Dr. Mohamed Khattab (SEDICO Pharmaceutical Chairman- Egypt); had an interview with the Middle East Observer newspaper about SEDICO and his vision for the company on May the 8 th., 2019.
    Dr. Mohamed Khattab said that SEDICO is planning for the production of raw biomaterials through a cell culture laboratory.
    Dr. Mohamed Khattab added that SEDICO witnessed a major increase in production over FY 2018 as production revenues reached about EGP 1.238.27 million , profits about EGP 418.707 million and Net profits (after taxes) EGP103.865 million .

SEDICO has an ambitious plan in 2019, as the company targets upgrading the existing production areas to cope with the new manufacturing requirements and technologies, as the company targets an increasing sales to EGP170.00 million over 2019 in human products and EGP 20 million in Veterinary products.

SEDICO Chairman & The ME Observer - Full Interview