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Our Company

  • SEDICO was established in 1990 by Dr. Ahmed Abou El Enein.
  • SEDICO was the first pioneer Egyptian company to produce human insulin in 2002.
  • Our production line expand to reach more than 180 products in 14 drug groups.
  • Our products are exported to 30 countries worldwide.
  • Our production lines are trusted by the biggest global pharmaceutical companies.

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Our Products

  • Our products deal with some of the most vital parts of a human system.
  • SEDICO Pharmaceuticals started the big project of human insulin production as a new era of production of Biotechnology products.
  • SEDICO is unique by its Sterile Areas (which are the largest in the Middle East and North African Region).
  • SEDICO Pharmaceuticals also produces the non-traditional dosage forms such as the soft gelatin capsules, lyophilized products, gels and effervescent sachets.

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Featured Product

Manufacturing capabilities

SEDICO Company operates one of the newest drug production units in the Middle East which includes a complete group of pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities designed according to the newest scientific technologies. Its manufacturing lines encompass most of the pharmaceutical dosage forms, ranging from simple liquid-fills to the most complex technologies of sterile parenteral products.

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