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Human Insulin Production in Egypt
  • SEDICO Insulin HMIX 100 IU
  • Insulin is one of the most important lives-saving products for diabetic patients especially those of Type 1 diabetes mellitus.
    It is very important for diabetic patient to have his insulin therapy at any time without any interruption otherwise his life will be in a true threat. This irregular availability & frequent shortage of insulin have created a serious crisis in Egypt at that time. Before 2001 there was no Human Insulin Production in Egypt and the imported human insulin was the only source of availability. In spite of being low-priced due to the financial support offered by the government; the imported quantities were insufficient to satisfy the Egyptian market requirement, also irregular importing of insulin was another problem.

As a result of our high credit of trust gained from doctors & patients; we SEDICO Pharmaceuticalstook the responsibility to get the access to a very important & strategic issue which is Human Insulin Production in Egypt.

  • SEDICO Insulin HMix 40
  • SEDICO is a pioneer company in the manufacture of biotechnology products in Egypt to apply biotechnology and bioengineering for the production and formulation of Biopharmaceutical products.
    Biotechnology is a broad term for classic and modern technology for the production of bio-products using micro-organisms on large scale in purified form with less cost.

We have started the big project of insulin production as a new era of production of biotechnology products in collaboration with Akzo Nobel Corporation to be the first Egyptian company that formulates human insulin among the very few multinational companies producing insulin.

We produce the different types of Human Insulin in different concentrations.
We are Committed to insulin availability at any time & for All Egyptian Diabetic Patients.


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