EXTRA 1000
(Pure Wheat Germ Oil)
  • Extra 1000 Capsules
  • Composition:
    Each gelatinous capsule contains:
    Wheat germ oil ........................ 1000 mg

Wheat Germ Oil is a rich source of vitamin E. It contributes to membrane integrity & protects critical cellular structures against damage by oxygen free radicals & reactive products of lipid peroxidation (The Main cause of cell aging)
Diminution of vitamin E from smooth muscle cells under oxidative stress conditions results in the growth & proliferation of these cells which contribute to the development of Arteriosclerosis & hence the importance of vitamin E in protecting from cardiovascular diseases.
Recent studies have also revealed that IHD mortality are primarily attributable to plasma status of vitamin E.
In addition to its antioxidant function, vitamin E influences cellular response to oxidative stress through the modulation of signal transduction pathways. This modulation contributes to its anticancer & immune-stimulatory effects.

Indications and Dosage:

In case of increased requirements :
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Nocturnal leg cramps
  • To increase athletics performance
  • Premenstrual syndrome

One capsule daily.

Box of 30 capsules.

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