SEDICO Social Contribution
El Ahrar Hospital - Zagazig

Prof.Dr. Hesham El Hefnawy

In continuation of our role in community services and in coordination with the National Institute Of Diabetes And Endocrinology SEDICO participated in supporting the medical convoy which was held at Al-Ahrar hospital in Zagazig and in coordination with Prof. Dr. Hisham El Hefnawi (Dean of National Institute Of Diabetes And Endocrinology).
The convoy was attended by more than 500 patients from diabetics and the availability of insulin H Mix and some of our products and in the presence of Prof. Dr. Hisham El Hefnawi and a large group of doctors from the National Institute Of Diabetes And Endocrinology.
The message of Dr. Ihab Kaldas (head of the commercial sector -SEDICO ) is always and never is the contribution and assistance to every patient in the land of Egypt, whether it has value or not, the treatment is the right of every Egyptian citizen.
All thanks and appreciation to Prof.Dr. Azzam Mahran (Director of Medical Administration), Dr. Ashraf Hamdy (Marketing Manager), Dr. Hossam Erian (Marketing Manager - Biotechnology).
All thanks and appreciation to  Dr. Mohamed Farouk (Scientific Office Manager - Delta Office), Dr. Abdo Makawy (Biotechnology office manager -Delta).
We are also honored to have a very distinguished attendance at the Biotechnology Office in the Delta and the Delta Scientific Office team members, where the great performance and great effort to make this day a success.
We were honored by the presence of Dr. Hazem Al Sayed (Assistant Marketing Manager - Biotechnology), Dr.Mostafa Anis, Dr.Ahmed El Razzaz, Dr.Ahmed Shaltout, Dr.Mohamed Abdel Ghaffar , Dr.Mohamed Wahid & Dr.Nouran.
We will move forward in the framework of these ideas, which shows the prestigious company including appropriate and effective products and all thanks to contributed to the success of this great work of every person in our company.

On behalf of all the employees, we extend our sincere thanks to:
  • Pr.Dr.Hossam Aboul Enein
    ( Vice Chairman of the Board & Managing Director)
  • Dr. Ihab Kaldas
    (Chief of the commercial sector)

Date: 16 November,2017
Time: 09:00 am - 3:00 pm
Venue:El Ahrar Hospital, Zagazig

All thanks to attendance from the scientific west office

Dr. Ahmed Shaltout
(BBU - Delta )

Dr. Amal Gaber
(HR & PR coordination manager-
Commercial sector)

Dr.Mohamed Abdel Ghaffar
(BBU - Delta )

Dr.Mostafa Anis
(BBU - Delta )

Dr.Ahmed El Razzaz
(Scientific Office - Delta)

Dr.Nouran Wahid
(BBU - Delta )

Dr.Mohamed Wahba
(BBU - Delta )

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