SEDICO presence
Ras Ghareb Central Hospital
  • To complement the role of SEDICO company towards the community and its national role towards the country and its different governorates especially  Ras Ghareb city in the Red Sea which was subjected to floods on October 2016 which has subjects the hospitals to a lack of a lot of medicines.
    SEDICO has initiated to deliver nearly 22,000 different drugs medicine  and insulin to the central hospital in Ras Ghareb year in coordination with the hospital director Dr.Ghattas Fakhri who was very supportive to us.
    It was a new successful day appreciated by Ras Ghareb' citizens and covered by the media.

On behalf of all we thanks Prof.Dr.Hossam Aboul Enein (SEDICO CEO), Dr.Ihab Kaldas (SEDICO CCO), Dr.Ashraf Hamdy (Marketing manager) & Dr.Hesham Shoukry (Scientific office manager) who appreciate the idea and facilitate the implementation to offer this social contribution.

A special thanks to Dr.Nassim Gad (Upper Egypt office manager) and Dr.Ayman Hodhod for their assistance, and Dr.Mohamed Mubarak  & Dr. Medhat Kerolos (SEDICO team - Upper Egypt office) for the lecture on SEDICO products.

A special thanks also goes to Dr.Amal Gaber (HR department) who was the key person in this contribution.

Date: 08 December , 2016
Venue: Ras Ghareb Central Hospital, Ras Ghareb- Egypt

All thanks to SEDICO

  • Prof.Dr.Hossam Aboul Enein
    (SEDICO Managing Director)

    Dr.Ihab Kaldas (SEDICO CCO)

    Dr.Ashraf Hamdy
    (Marketing manager)

    Dr.Hesham Shoukry
    (Scientific office manager)

    Dr.Amal Gaber
    (HR Department)

All thanks to the scientific office - Upper Egypt

  • Dr. Nassim Gad
    (Upper Egypt Scientific Office Manager)

    Dr. Ayman Hodohod
    ( Scientific office coordinator)

    Dr. Mohamed Mubarak
    (Scientific Office )

    Dr.Medhat Kerolos
    (Scientific Office )

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