During 2006 SEDICO provided free samples support for many NGOs & hospitals such as:    

Relief contribution programs
Our Relief programs are mainly directed to the disaster-stricken people in any part of the world.
We believe that a collection of tiny contributions will eventually create a mainstream capability for combating pain and misery.

SEDICOcontributed in the following relief programs during 2006
SEDICO Lebanon Relief program (August 2006)

Mobile health services “Medical caravans” programs
By participating in the organization of “Medical caravans” programs, SEDICO support the provision of medical and disease-combating services throughout Egypt.

  • participated in the following Medical Caravans during 2006:
  • Health care department woman health dept. of Cairo (Jan.2006)
  • Social care department-El Sharkeya (Feb.2006)
  • Medical college-El Azhar university (Apr.2006)
  • Veterinary medical college-Cairo university (Jun.2006)
  • Natural treatment college-Cairo university for medical care for all the governments (Aug.2006)
  • The day of environment-Fayed educational region-Suez Kanal university (Sept.2006)
  • Social care department-Giza at the 6th of October city (Sept.2006)
  • Patriotic democratic youth association for Cairo's different regions (Oct.2006).
  • Social activity department of the Menofeya university (Nov.2006)
  • Medical caravan sequent to the college of Pharmacy -Tanta university (Nov.2006)
  • Medical caravan to South of Sinai government sequent to El Mansoura university (Nov.2006)

NGO's support programs

SEDICO participates in the volunteering endeavors of many NGO,s working in a diversity of Human fields including, health support, women and child protection and sociological studies.

During 2006 SEDICO provided free medical samples for many NGO's such as:
  • El Zahraa feminal Org. (Jan.2006)
  • Islamic legal Org. at El Ayatt. (May 2006)
  • Marmorcus and the virgin Mary church at the 6 of October city. (May & Nov. 2006)
  • Future Lover Org. (Jul.2006)
  • Resala charity Org. (Sept.2006)
  • Social development Org. -Sharkeya. (Oct.2006)
  • Islamic legal Org. at Mansh'at El Bakary (Nov.2006)
  • Makka medical clinic. (Nov.2006)
  • the woman & the society Org.