During 2004 SEDICO provided support for many NGOs & hospitals such as:    

Relief contribution programs
Our Relief programs are mainly directed to the disaster-stricken people in any part of the world.
We believe that a collection of tiny contributions will eventually create a mainstream capability for combating pain and misery.

SEDICO contributed in the following relief programs during 2004
Somalia Relief program (July 2004)
Iraq Relief program (June 2004)
Palestinian Red Crescent Relief program (May 2004)

Mobile health services “Medical caravans” programs
By participating in the organization of “Medical caravans” programs, SEDICO support the provision of medical and disease-combating services throughout Egypt.

SEDICO Participated in the following Medical Caravans during 2004:
Menofia Medical Caravan (May 2004)
Medical Syndicate Church district Medical Caravan (April 2004)
Dakahlia Health insurance Medical Caravan (April 2004)
Hagana and Nasr City Tenth District Medical Caravan (April 2004)
Giza Red Crescent Medical Caravans (2004)

Skill upgrading programs
SEDICO appreciates the value of the “Human Capital” as a main pillar in any progress activity.
SEDICO has a dynamic role in the pioneering, Skill-upgrading programs of MOBARAK-KOL Program since its beginning in 1999.
SEDICO participates in the training activities of the program through its manufacturing and engineering departments.

NGO's support programs
SEDICO participates in the volunteering endeavors of many NGO's working in a diversity of Human fields including, health support, women and child protection and sociological studies.

During 2004 SEDICO provided free medical samples for many NGO's such as:

The Coptic Ragaa Org.
Hope Village Org.
El-Khalil Org.
El-Afagany Org.