National Campaign
Unifying Guidelines of Diabetes Control - Ismailia
  • Insulin Event at Ismalia
  • SEDICO continues its succesful sixth National Campaign of Unifying Guidelines of diabetes control with the collaboration of the National Institute of Diabetes .
    In the conference room Hotel Mercure Ismailia , under the auspices of SEDICO Pharmaceutical Co. , and the National Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology in Cairo and cooperation with the University of the Suez Canal , and the Directorate of Health Affairs in the governorate , in the presence of prof.Dr.Hisham El Shinawi (Director General of Health Affairs)
    and Prof.Dr. Mervat Mansour (Vice Dean) .

Scientific Forum was attended by approximately two hundred doctors, from various parts of the province of Ismailia , to listen and to take advantage and share experiences.
A forum began with a lecture of Prof.Dr. Hisham El Hifnawy on Type I , and how to deal with the sugar coma ketone .
This was followed by lectures gentlemen doctors Suez Canal University , where Prof.Dr. Gamal Tawfiq professor of internal medicine and kidney wise to deal with nephropathy due to diabetes , and a lecture for Prof.Dr.Huda Attwa professor of pediatrics and endocrinology and diabetes from a coma caused by a lack of sugar level in type I patients .
The doctors gave a National Institute of Diabetes light on the diabetic foot , within a lecture of Prof.Dr.Murad Kholy , and Type II diabetes , delivered by Prof.Dr. Amr Mahfouz , and the health of the eye in patients with diabetes Prof.Dr.Sally Youssef.
The director of medical management and research firm SEDICO Prof.Dr.Azzam Mehran, that this campaign is the sixth of its kind , under the responsibility of the company towards the development of Egyptian society , patients and doctors .
He also pointed Dr.Reda Abdel Baqi director of the Office east of Cairo and the Canal Zone , that the company take it upon themselves to provide and providing medicines for Strategic and manufacturer based biotechnology , to remain a safety valve for diabetics and all those who need to hormonal therapy.

SEDICO was honored by more than 180 doctors under the auspices of:

Major General/ Ahmed El Kasas
Ismailia Governor

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Ismail
Chairman of the General Authority for hospitals
and educational institutions

Prof.Dr.Hisham El Shenawi
Undersecretary for Health Affairs - Ismailia

Under the Presdency of:

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hisham El Hefnawy
Dean of National institute of Diabetes

"Unifying Guidelines of Diabetes Control"

Date: 17 April,2014
Venue: Mercure Forsan Island, Ismailia - Egypt

Doctors Speakers

  • Prof. Dr. Morad El Kholy
    (Diabetic foot)
  • Prof.Dr. Gamal Tawfik
    (Managment of Diaetic Nephropathy)
  • Prof. Dr. Hoda Atwa
    (Hypoglycemia in Type I diabetes)
  • Prof. Dr. Amr Mahfouz
    (Guidelines of type II Diabetes)
  • Prof. Dr. Sally Youssef
    (Diabetic Eye )
  • Prof. Dr. Azzam Mahran
    SEDICO Medical Department Manager

Education Day
"Know & Controlling Your Diabetes "

  • Education Day
  • SEDICO has also held a medical convoy in which Dr.Amira Adel (BBU Medical Representative ) at Ismailia General Hospital , has signed a medical examination and laboratory on nearly 120 drunk , and spent free treatment to them , and concluded its work to establish the convoy to attend an educational seminar about diabetes and how to live with it .


  • Azzam Mahran
    SEDICO Medical Department Manager
  • CRA team (Clinical Research Associate)
  • Dr. Reda Abdel Baky
    East Biotechnology District Manager
  • Dr.Hani Gharib
    East Biotechnology Supervisor
  • Dr. Amira Adel
    East Biotechnology PSR
  • Dr. Islam Nagi
    Qanal zone Biotechnology PSR
  • Mr. Islam Gamal El Din
    Marketing Specialist Commercial Sector
  • The Biotechnology Business Unit team of East area
    (Cairo & Qanal areas)

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