SEDICO Symposium

"GERD...Cons & Pro"


SEDICO established a scientific symposium on "GERD Cons & Pro" with the presence of a group of Excellency doctors.

"GERD...Cons & Pro"

Date: Thursday, December 8th.,2011
Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Venue: Baron Hotel - Cairo

Professors Doctors of Hepatology & Gastrointestinal Section
Ain Shams University

  • Prof. Dr. / Mahmoud Othman
  • Prof. Dr. / Osama Abo El Fottoh
    "Prokinetics in GERD...Fake or Fact"
  • Prof. Dr. / Mohamed El Bokl
    Refractory GERD
  • Prof. Dr. / Amany Talaat
    GERD & Surgery

SEDICO Scientific Team

  • Prof. Dr. Azzam Mahran (SEDICO Medical Manager)
  • Dr. Diaa Azmy
    (SEDICO Scientific Office Manager - Heliopolis )
  • Dr. Eman Baioumy
    (Product Manager - Omepak)
  • Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim
    (Supervisor - GIT Team)
  • Dr.Nabil Abdel Maksoud
    (Supervisor - GIT Team)
  • Dr. Hazem Attia
    (GIT PSR)
  • Dr. Dina Fakher
    (GIT PSR)
  • Dr.Hossam Abbas
    (GIT PSR)
  • Dr.Nessreen Nabil
    (GIT PSR)
  • Dr.Hashem Fathi
    (GIT PSR)

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