Date: 09 of August, 2018
Time: 11:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Venue: NIDE - Egypt

SEDICO Pharmaceutical Company has prepared a meeting at the NIDE - Egypt with the presence of Prof Dr. / Hisham El Hefnawy who has made two sessions on Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) and the relation between Diabetes & Statins.

And for extension of these information and research data, Prof.Dr.Azzam Mahran (SEDICO Medical Director) made a presentation of the importance of Lipona (as Atorvastatin) for the diabetic patient and how it protects him from cardiovascular diseases.
The meeting was attendednt by a number of Doctors of endocrinology of all the gouvernorates.

SEDICO Scientific Office Attendance

  • Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim
    Biotechnology Office Manager
  • Dr. Diaa Azmy
    Scientific Office Manager - West
  • Dr.Reda Abdel Baky
    Cairo Biotechnology Manager
  • Dr. Ramy Abdel Tawab
    Cairo East Manager - GIT & Cardio
  • Dr. Galal Saeed
    Group Product Manager
  • Dr.Hazem Atteya
    Cardio Product Manager
  • Dr. Racha Abbass
    E- Marketing & Wesite Manager
  • Dr. Mohamed Sobhy
    West Biotechnology Supervisor

Medical PSR of West Office

Photos Gallery

Photos Gallery

Insulin H MIX 100 I.U.

Photos taken by Mr.Mohamed Hassan