SEDICO Delta Scientific Meeting

SEDICO was established a scientific conference on gastroenterology updates  with the presence of group of Excellency specialized doctors from el Mansoura University.

"Gastroenterology  Updates"

Date: Thursday, December the 22th.,2011
Time: 10:00 am - 2:30 pm
Venue: Royal Marshal - El Mansoura

Professors Doctors Speakers

Prof. Dr. / Zaki Shoeir
Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Zaki El Sharief
Prof. Dr. /Hassan El Shenawy

SEDICO East Office Scientific Team

Dr. Moahmed Farouk Omar
(Delta Office Regional Manager)

Dr. Taher El Gayar

(General Team Line Manager)

Dr. Sherif El Mahalawy (GIT Supervisor)

Dr. Amro Hassan
(GIT Supervisor)

Dr.Sherif Labeeb
(GIT Supervisor)