SEDICO & The New Debatable Issues
Acid Related Problems

GERD Conference

SEDICO was established a scientific debatable symposium on the acid related issues and the role of Omepak in the treatment.
The Symposium was honored by the presence of Elite GIT and Hepatology professors.

"New Debatable Issues of Acid Related Problems"

Date: Thursday, March the 15 th.,2012
Time: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Venue: El Baron Hotel - Cairo, Egypt

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Highlighted  Issues in Management  of  Acid Related Disorders
Professors Doctors Speakers

Prof. Dr. / Reda El Wakeel
(Highlighted Issues in Management of Acid Related Disorders)
Panel Discussion - PDF presentation

Prof. Dr. /Mohamed Aly Mokhles
(Refractory Peptic Ulcer)

Prof. Dr. / Ahmed El Sawy
(Endoscopic Therapies for GERD)

Prof. Dr. / Alaa Abbass
(Surgery for Acid Related Problems)

Prof. Dr. / Hesham El Khayat
(Refractory GERD)

SEDICO East Office Scientific Team

  • Omepak Capsules
  • Dr. Diaa Azmy (Heliopolis Office Regional Manager)
    Dr. Eman Baioumy (Omepak Product Manager)
    Dr.Ahmed Ibrahim (Medical Supervisor - Heliopolis Scientific Office)
    Dr.Nabil Abdel Maksoud (Medical Supervisor - Heliopolis Scientific Office)
    Dr.Dina Fakher (PSR - Heliopolis Scientific Office)
    Dr.Hazem Sayed (PSR - Heliopolis Scientific Office)
    Dr.Mohamed El Masry (PSR - Heliopolis Scientific Office)