SEDICO Products List

SEDICO is one of the pioneer pharmaceutical drug industries in Egypt.
SEDICO is a leader Egyptian company in the production of insulin, biotechnology products and many others drugs part of which are exported to many Arabian, African and European countries.
Insulin formulation has brought a fair name to SEDICO and has spread its reach in the country and globally.
SEDICO is rated as a pioneer in this area, and has sold the product to the premier institutions in the country.The further consolidation of existing products and giving a fillip to the new ones is by no means an easy task.
SEDICO has wisely realized this and brought about a radical and professional shift in its marketing touch up.

It has been done successfully through the following:
  • It has structured its team and focused on therapeutic areas.
  • The company has two divisions in its marketing wing: Institution Division, Specialty Division.

The other notable pointer is that it has successfully introduced better and much more effective customer focused approach.

Towards this end, SEDICO has taken the following steps:
  • The approach has witnessed a marked change with more emphasis being laid on therapeutic segments.
  • The focus has also shifted to training and development.
  • The introduction of appraisal based reward system.
  • This has seen a spurt in employee motivational level and consequently the company has obtained better results.

SEDICO Products List