Task Force Team
Cycle Meeting 2012

task force 2012 Cycle Meeting

SEDICO Task Force Team has held it's Annual Cycle Meeting for the year 2012 on the 11& 12 January 2012 at the Engineering Guest House.

"Target to Success"

SEDCIO task Force Team

  • Dr.Hesham Shoukry
    (National Sales Manager)
    YTD Achievement
  • Dr.Khaled Sobh
    (Marketing Manager)
    Product Portfolio
  • Prof.Dr.Azzam Mahran
    (Medical Dept. Manager)
    Medical Knowledge
  • Dr.Hedy Mourad
    (Task Force Product Manager)
    Products Strategy & Q1 Plan

Task Force SEDICO Team

Dr.Mohamed El Shahat & Its Team
(Delta  Task Force Team Manager)

Dr. Nessim Yakoub & Its Team
( All Cairo Task Force Manager)

Dr.Wassim William & Its Team
(Upper Egypt Task Force Team Manager)