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Protocol - Tanta University
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  • SEDICO Pharmaceuticals continues to implement the new protocol among the different faculties of Pharmacy all over the country, this protocol includes the orientation of the students to the factory and a life seeing of the whole production process of the different pharmaceutical products of SEDICO company including the Quality assurance and Quality control.

According to this protocol, SEDICO was honored by the visit of Dr. Hani Fawzi Donia (Pharmacists Syndicate in Gharbiya) ,
Dr. Momen Rihab and 50 of Tanta Pharmacy' Students.

Dr. Ihab Kaldas (SEDICO CCO) has welcomed members of the Syndicate in the presence Dr. Ashraf Hamdy (Marketing Director) and Dr. Mohamed Hossam (Director of the year of production).

Fifty students from Pharmacy of Tanta have attended the visit and they had a tour at the different factory production' sections.

"Faculty of Pharmacy - Tanta University Orientation"

Date: 13th. September, Giza , Egypt

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Under the auspices of

  • Prof. Dr. Hossam Aboul Enein
    (SEDICO Managing Director)

    Dr. Ihab Kaldas

    Dr. Mohamed Hossam
    (Production Manager)

    Dr. Ashraf Hamdy
    (Marketing Manager)

    Dr. Amal Gaber
    (HR & PR coordination manager - Commercial Sector )
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