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One Heart Day
  • Lipona
  • Within the framework of activating the role of the SEDICO company pharmaceutical in the social contribution had honored on Friday 28th. of October 2016 of providing some voluntary contributions from bio-pharmaceutical products to the church of "El Sayeda El Azraa" - El Sharkia under the convoy of "One Heart".
    We have to provide about medical samples of Lipona, Omepak, Venaxan, Rheumarene, Sedokast, Ranitak, Acetylcistein & Eucarbon.

Date: 28 October,2016
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Venue:  El Sayeda El Azraa Church - El Sharkia

All thanks to the scientific Delta office

  • Cardio-One Heart
  • Dr.Mohamed Farouk
    (Delta Scientific Office Manager)

    Dr. Mohamed El Shahat
    (Cardio Team Manager -Delta Scientific Office )

    Dr. Sameh Azaz
    (Cardio Team supervisor -Delta Scientific Office)

    Dr. Mohammed Mohsen
    (PSR-Delta Scientific Office )

    Dr. Amal Gaber
    (HR Department Representative)

One Heart Day Photos