• Visceralgine tablets
  • Composition:
    Each tablet contains:
    Tiemonium methyl sulfate........................50 mg

Tiemonium mixed antispasmodic:
-Anticholenergic (1 / 50th of the effect of atropine at identical molar concentration).

Orla route:half-life of absorption:36 min.,apparent half-life of elimination:3hr 24 min.
Maximum plasma concentration in 2 hrs,total ecretion in 72 hrs ( fecal excretion 70% in 72 hrs, urinary excretion8% in 24 hrs;also by resiratory & cutenous routes)

  • Symptomatic treatment of pain related to functional disorders of the digestive tract and biliary system.
  • Treatment of spasm and pain in the urinary tract and in gynecology
  • Urethroprostatic disorders involving a risk of urine retention.
  • Risk of angle-closure glaucoma.
Precautions in use:
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding:
    The results of animal studies of Timonium did not reveal any teratogenic effects.
    Although these results do not prejudge the effects in man, no deformities have been reported up till now with normal use.
    In the absence of sufficient data, prudence should be the rule for nursing mothers although no problems have been reported with normal use.
  • Effect On Ability To Drive Vehicles Or Operate Machines:

Interactions With Drugs And Other Interactions:

Major In compatibilities:

Undesirable Effects:

Dosage and administration:
In adults the usual dosage is 2-6tablets per day

The effect of the oral form may be reinforced by administration of 1 or 2 suppositories /24 hours

  • Symptoms:
    Appearance of atropine-like effects: dry mouth, constipation. Tachycardia, and in elderly patients, confusion.
  • Treatment :
    Symptomatic treatment in intensive care unit with cardiac and respiratory monitoring.

Keep at temp. not exceeding 30°C.
Keep away of reach of children.

Film coated tablets: Box of 20 tablets.