Frequently asked questions about vitamins
(Royal Vit G, Extra 1000, E Roy, Sport drink)

Vitamins & Minerals

Do vitamins generally produce energy?
No, generally vitamins do not produce energy but vitamins are involved in the metabolic processes that yield energy.

Have these vitamins preparations been approved by the FDA?
The FDA does not approve any vitamin formula, but the vitamin formula contains ingredients and elements that meet Required Daily Allowance or Upper Limit criteria put by the U.S institute of medicine year 2000.

Do your products contain hormones or anabolic steroids?
No our products do not contain any hormones or anabolic ingredients only natural ingredients, which synergistically give their potent effect on health & vitality.
(Royal Vit G, Extra 1000, E Roy, Sport drink)

Can children benefit from your vitamin formulations?
Certainly children can benefit from our range of vitamin supplements, as long as they are able to swallow the soft gelatinous capsules, or drink the effervescent formulations.

Will I notice a difference in how I feel after taking your vitamin formulations?
Our vitamin formulations support the body systems and help to reduce the risk of major diseases and degeneration.
For this reason, if you are deficient in a nutrient needed by your body, then you might feel a dramatic change in your health (improved quality of life)

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