A. D. Ibrahim El Ibrashi ' Speech on Diabetes
  • Dr. Ibrahim El Ibrashi
    Prof. Dr. Ibrahim El Ibrashi
  • Prof. Dr. Ibrahim El Ibrashi - director of the National Institute of diabetes - in his speech at "Radio and Television" magazine issued on 16-5-2009, used to tell us about the different types of diabetes and he confirms that all types of insulin available in the Egyptian market have the same active substance and their the effectiveness is the same.
    Prof. Dr. Ibrahim El Ibrashi says that 90% of patients treated at the institute free of charge.
    Statistics show that diabetes is the most prevalent diseases among Egyptians, and most patients deal of the type of neglect and indifference towards the disease.
    In a medical prescription provided by Prof. Dr. Ibrahim El Ibrashi defined the disease and to manage and live with.

What is diabetes?
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim El Ibrashi told us that their is two types of diabetes:
1- Type I: occurs in the case of non-pancreatic secretion of insulin
2- Type II: occurs when the pancreas produces not enough quantity of insulin or when cells start to attack insulin and this type represent the most common and widespreaded.

Symptoms of diabetes:
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim El Ibrashi told us that the most important symptoms are:
1 - A sense of continuous thirsty
2 - Frequent urination
This is because due to the increase in glucose in the blood, who works on the exit of water from the tissues and the patient becomes thirsty and drought, and then drink lots of liquids, and which, in turn, increase the process of urination.

Other symptoms:
They are other symptoms such as:
1 - Loss of appetite and/or general weakness, the sugar is the fuel of the body and if it does not reaches the body's cells, the patient will feel weak.
There is one hormone in the body which reduces the sugar in the blood is: Insulin, while the rest of hormones increase blood sugar.

Who is the person the most diabetes?
1- Person who is under pressure and nervous, which are under continuous stress; people more vulnerable to diabetes.
2- Obesity
3- those who have family history of diabetes (Heredity factor is an important factor).

What services the National Institute of Sugar?
When a child in the first phase of the life of high temperature and frequent urination and dehydration in the throat, the mother-speed up the analysis of sugar in the work of that kind because it comes without warning and then accept the Institute such cases and providing an educational session for parents on how to handling of the child and the rules of food and therapeutic him.

What is the relationship of disease to increase the weight?
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim El Ibrashi says:
That the patient's body is always trying to compensate for the loss of fluids and sugar, so the patient finds himself eating more than usual, and here there is an increase in weight.
But sometimes the opposite is happening:
Instead of an increase in weight, and despite the fact that the patient deals with a large quantity of food, the weight decreases continuously and a large and because of the lack of access to sufficient quantity of glucose, the body tissues may be accompanied by Guy frequently Brashp Parties headaches and stress in the body.

Thus, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim El Ibrashi advised:
1 -The systematic treatment
2 -The rules of eating times
3 -Light sport

What is insulin?
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim El Ibrashi says that insulin is effective for some patients, is an injection and not capsules and the secret of this as a. Dr. Ibrahim El Ibrashi that insulin is composed of amino acids and, if addressed through the mouth will digest in the stomach, so it is taken by injection to the blood directly without passing through the digestive system.

What is the difference between the different types of insulin?
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim El Ibrashi says that there is no difference between all kids of insulin presents in the market and all have the same active ingredient, but the difference is in the time when the insulin that takes action, so there are four types:
There are short-acting insulin and the other very fast and effective and long-horizon force
The argument that there is some better than others, this is not true and the only difference in the names of manufacturers, and any symptoms appear on the patient is not due to the active substance, but for other reasons such as:
Breach in the balance between insulin dose, food and sports events.
Therefore; For the physician to give each patient a form of insulin, as his condition and determine the diet and it does not mean