What does constipation mean?
Constipation is a condition of the digestive system where a person experiences hard feces that are difficult to egests
it may be extremely painful, and in severe cases lead to symptoms of bowel obstruction.

What are the causes of constipation in infants and children?
Unbalanced food:
Infants and children who eat well-balanced meals typically are not constipated. Breastfed infants will generally have more stools per day

Kind of food:
eating a lot of sugar and desserts are also prone to difficulties in passing their bowels

Avoidance of going to the bathroom:
for various reasons: lack of privacy or cleanliness of the bathroom, prior painful or frightening experience that makes them want to avoid going to the bathroom As stool remains in the colon, the colon will absorb water out of the stool, making it hard and dry. This makes it even more difficult or painful to pass and causes the child to continue "holding it.

Any intense changes in a child:

such as illnesses causing fever, a long time in bed, eating less, or dehydration may cause decreased frequency of stools or may harden stools

Medical disorders:
  • Hypothyroidism (lowered activity of the thyroid gland) is a condition that causes decreased activity of the intestinal muscle
  • Hirschsprung the colon cannot receive directions from the brain to go to the bathroom properly
  • Diabetes
  • Lead poisoning
  • Electrolyte imbalance

How to treat Constipation?

Treatment is done using either oral or rectal medications, or a combination of both. most safe is Glycerol (Suppositories)
The type of medication used also depends on the child’s age and exact problem.

Other ways:
A lot of things can help example:
Give your child plenty of fluids and juices
A well-balanced meal consisting of whole bran cereals, fruits, and vegetables with less candy and dessert also helps.
Take advantage of the gastro colonic reflex after each meal The body has a natural reflex called the gastro colonic reflex. After a meal, the colon undergoes peristalsis and attempts to clear the bowels.

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