Iron Deficiency Anemia
What is Iron deficiency anemia?
  • RBCs
  • Anemia is a condition where red blood cells are not providing adequate oxygen to body tissues. There are many types and causes of anemia but iron deficiency anemia is the most occurring.
    Iron deficiency anemia is a decrease in the number of red cells in the blood caused by insufficient dietary intake or absorption of iron is i.e. hemoglobin, which contains iron, cannot be formed.

How iron deficiency anemia occurs in infants & children?

Babies are born with about 500 mg of iron in their bodies.
Children need to absorb an average of 1 mg per day of iron to keep up with the needs of their growing bodies. Since children only absorb about 10% of the iron they eat, most children need to ingest 8-10 mg of iron per day. Breast-fed babies need less, because iron is absorbed 3 times better when it is in breast milk.
An iron deficient diet is a common cause of iron deficiency. Drinking too much cow's milk is a classic cause of iron deficiency in young children, because cow’s milk does not contain iron and inhibits absorption of iron. Iron deficiency may also result from blood loss in stool from a problem in the intestines.
A common time for iron deficiency is between 9 and 24 months of age. All babies should have a screening test for iron deficiency at this age.
Iron deficiency in children can also be related to lead poisoning

What are the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia?
Symptoms are pallor, fatigue and weakness. (disease often goes unrecognized for some time.)
In severe cases, dyspnea can occur. Unusual obsessive food cravings, known as pica, may develop.
Hair loss and lightheadedness can also be associated with iron deficiency anemia.
Other symptoms patients with iron deficiency anemia have reported are:
Constipation, Tinnitus, Palpitations, Seeing Bright Colors, Fainting, Feeling faint, Depression, Weakness, Breathlessness, Twitching Nerves, Tingling, Numbness, Burning sensations & Sleep apnea (rare).

How to treat iron deficiency anemia?
First if the cause is dietary iron deficiency, iron supplements must be taken some times bad absorption of iron occur when taken with milk coffee or tea therefore Vitamin C is very important cause it increases bioavailability in both presence and absence of inhibiting substances

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