(Soft Gelatin Capsules)
  • TOCO
  • Composition:
    Each capsule contains:
    Vitamin E ……………………400 mg or 1000 mg
    (dl Alpha Tocopheryl acetate 400 I.U.)

Vitamin E is one of the most effective antioxidant vitamins. It contributes to membrane integrity and protects critical cellular structured against damage from oxygen-free radical and reactive products of lipid peroxidation (the main causes of cell ageing).

Diminution of Vitamin E from smooth muscles cells under oxidative stress conditions results in growth and proliferation of these cells which contributed to the development of atherosclerosis, and hence the importance of Vitamin E in protection from the cardiovascular disease.

Recent studies have revealed that IHD mortality are primarily attribute to plasma status of Vitamin E. In condition to its antioxidant function, Vitamin E influences cellular response to oxidative stress through modulation of signal-transduction pathways, This modulation contributed to its anticancer and immunostimulatory effects.

About 50-80% of Vitamin E is absorbed from small intestine. It is carried by blood lipoproteins and stored in all body tissues especially adipose tissues. It is metabolized in the liver and excreted via bile and urine.

  • For treatment and prventation of Vitamin E deficiency manifested by myopathic neurological disorders.

  • Hypoprothrombenemia due to Vitamin K deficiency.
  • Hypersensitivity to Vitamin E.

Side effects:
When give in large doses for prolonged periods of time, blurred vision, diarrhea, dizziness, headache , nausea or stomach cramps may be occured.

Drug interactions:
  • Oral anticoagulants as coumarin or Indandion derivatives:
    The hypoprothrombobinemic effect may be increased, possibly with bleeding.
  • Colesteramine, colestipol or minerals oil:
    May interfere with the absorption of Vitamin E, requirements of Vitamin E may be increased in patients receiving these medications.

Dosage & route of administration & duration:
One capsule daily after meal.

Pregnancy , Nursing and lactation:
It is not recommended during pregnancy and breast feeding due to lack of well controlled studies.

Keep at temp. not exceeding 30ºC
Keep out of reach of children.

Box of 20 capsules (400mg or 1000mg).