• Siymarin
  • Composition:
    Each tablet contains:
    Silymarin ...................... 70 mg or 140 mg (Eq. to silybin)

Liver damage causes changes in the membrane of the liver cell & in this way impairs the functional capacity of the liver. Silymarin acts as a stabilizer of the liver cell membrane, protects the liver against toxic agents & restores damaged liver cell to normal. It also stimulates kupffer's cell & enhances protein synthesis by acting on ribosomal R.N.A. Thus Silymarin improves the general condition & the digestive function. It increases appetite & body weight & restores liver function to normal. Silymarin is absorbed orally. A major part of Silymarin is excreted via the bile & passes through the enterohepatic circulation. Silymarin is excreted mainly by the kidney although metabolites, particularly sulphate & glucuronide conjugates are also present in bile.
The excretion of Silymarin in humans lasts for about 24 hours & the total amount of Silymarin excreted in bile is about 20-40% of the ingested dose Only 3 - 7 % of the total dose is excreted renally.

  • In acute & chronic hepatitis.
  • Liver cirrhosis to reduce its progress.Toxic metabolic liver disorders (alcoholic & diabetic liver degeneration) & other hepatic intoxication.
  • During administration of drugs hazardous to the liver.

No contraindications are so far known when therapeutic doses are administered.

Drug interactions:
Interactions with other drugs are not known.

Dosage and administration:
2 tablets (70 mg) 3 times daily.
1 tablet (140 mg) 3 times daily.

Side effects:
Not reported.

Keep at temperature not exceeding 30°C.
Keep medicine out of reach of children.

Box of 20 tablets 70 mg.
Box of 20 tablets 140 mg.
Box of 100 strips x 10 tablets 70mg.
Box of 100 strips x 10 tablets 140 mg.