A Step Ahead Towards
Better Health
During 2008 SEDICO provided free samples support for many NGOs & hospitals such as:    

January 2008:
University Hospital - the University of Beni Suef.
Egyptian Society for love and giving charity
General to maintain the Holy Quran (Falcon boys - East).
neighborhood south of Giza - Complex courts.

February 2008:
Future General Foundation - Shemona - Menoufiya.
Association hope the nation - Imbaba - Giza
Care Association orphans - cooking Alsnellawi - Dakahliya.
College of Pharmacy - University of Minya.
General Letter of Charity - Dokki - Cairo.
General to maintain the Koran - Falcon boys - East.
Community Development Association - Star-mail - East.

March 2008:
House Rahman for people with special needs - Oct. 6.
General Habib Nur - Imbaba - Giza.
College of Medicine - University of Beni Suef.
Rotary Club - Egypt seriousness.
General supporters Mohammedia year - luring them with wheat East.

April 2008:
Community Development Association April - East.
Care Association orphans - Tammun Alsnellowin - Dakahliya.
the charity social - City Oct. 6.

May 2008:
General goodwill - Monastery Mawwas - Menya.
Commission on zakat village Atwab - by - Beni Suef.
Community Development Association - Kafr ration - Zagazig - East.
Community Development Association - Wittmann - Mit Ghamr - Dakahliya.
General Acharaehlaji writers and year - the city on Oct. 6.

June 2008:
Medical Center Egyptian - donated for the benefit of the villages of Fayoum.

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