Sedoter launch

SEDICO Pharmaceuticals has launched Sedoter tablets (Tolterodine 1 mg & 2 mg tablets) which is the first anti-muscarinic drug for Over-Active Bladder (OAB) released by SEDICO company.

The launch was honored by the presence of Dr. Ihab Kaldas (SEDICO CCO) who has the opening speech, Prof. Dr. Azzam Mahran (Medical Department Manager),Dr.Ashraf Hamdy (Marketing manager), Dr.Hesham Shoukry (National sales manager) & the Scientific office managers all over the country.
celebrating the launch at Novotel Airport Hotel - Cairo at the presence of CH team of the Scientific Office.


Date: 24 & 25 April ,2017
Venue: Novotel Airport , Cairo , Egypt

Launch Photos Gallery
Taken by Dr. Racha Abbass

Doctors Speakers

  • Sedoter 1mg
  • Dr. Ihab Kaldas

    Prof. Dr. Azzam Mahran
    (SEDICO Medical Dept. Manager)
    "Medical Knowledge on Anti-muscarinic
    & Tolterodine"
  • Sdoter 2 mg
  • Dr. Ashraf Hamdy
    (Marketing Manager)
     "Marketing Review"
  • Dr. Hesham Shoukry
    (Scientific Office Manager)
    "Sales Review"
  • Dr. Ashraf Hamdy
    (Marketing Manager)
    "Product Knowledge & Marketing plan
    of Sedoter"