SEDICO Company Drugs Registered In United Arab Emirates

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Drug Group: All           ATC: All
Trade Name:
All          Generic Name: All
Number of drugs: 15
Trade NameGeneric NameDosage FormPack UnitPack NumberStrength ValueStrength Unit
Insulin H BIO R 100 IU Injection INSULINinjectionvial1100I.U
Insulin H MIX 100 IU Injection INSULINinjectionvial10comb
Insulin H NPH 100 IU Injection INSULINinjectionvial10comb
Aironyl syrup TERBUTALINEsyrupml12mg/5ml
Ketoderm Cream KETOCONAZOLEtopical creamgram202%
Rasha oint.JOJOBA OIL+ZINC OXIDEtopical ointmentgram10comb
Drugs acting on the Oropharynx
Jogel Oral GelJOJOBA OIL+LIDOCAINEoral gelgram200comb
Drugs used for the treatment of Hyperlipidaemia
Omega – 3 Plus CapsulesFISH OIL+WHEAT GERM OILcapsulescapsules200comb
Glycerol Adult Suppositories GLYCERINsuppositoriessuppository61gm
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