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Epilepsy and Carbamazepine

  What Is Epilepsy?
  What Causes Epilepsy?
What is the epileptic seizure?
  Classification and types of the epileptic seizures
    Partial seizures
Generalized seizures
Simple Partial Seizures
Complex Partial Seizures
Grand Mal Seizures
Absence or Petit Mal Seizures
Atypical Absence Seizures
Myoclonic Seizures
Atonic Seizures
Secondarily Generalized Seizures
  What are epilepsy syndromes?
  What is the prognosis?
  How can i help an epileptic patient during seizure?
  What Do Doctors Do?
  Is there any treatment?
  How can epileptic patient lives with Epilepsy?

Prepared and edited by
Racha Abbass Bogdady

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