F.A.Q. about Ursodiol (Ursodeoxycholic acid 250mg) capsules


What is the key action of UDCA?
Ursodiol (UDCA) has:
  • Represent an essential treatment in cholestasis and inhibiting cholesterol crystallization
  • Is effective in gallstone dissolution and prevention of recurrence
In case of liver cirrhosis: how Ursodiol can be useful?
  • Ursodiol prevents the inflammation that destroys small bile ducts that produce cirrhosis
  • Significant reduction in liver enzymes in chronic hepatitis and fatty liver disease
  • Ursodiol avoids the complication of cirrhosis in PBC
What is the recommended dose?


13- 14 mg/kg/day
4 divided doses

Gallstones prophylaxis


Gallstones (non calcified<20mm)

8- 10 mg/kg/day
2- 3 divided doses