F.A.Q. about Solvex (Carbocysteine)


Why Solvex (Carbocysteine)?
Solvex (Carbocysteine) is able to:
  • Normalize the mucus viscosity
  • Reduce goblet cell hyperplasia
  • Restores normal ciliary's function
  • Improve pulmonary function
  • Effective prevention of acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive bronchitis

Solvex and Biomox: How does this combination be effective for children?
Solvex (Carbocysteine) and Biomox (Amoxycillin) is a harmonious combination lead to increase amoxycillin level in bronchial mucous and enhanced recovery and then it reduce the antibiotic consumption.

What is the effective dose of this combination?
For Adults:
2 capsules three times daily, then 1 capsules three times daily
1 tablespoonful (15 ml( three times then 10 ml three times daily.
For Children:
5-12 years: 5-10 ml three times a day
2-5 years: 5 ml daily in divided doses

Does Solvex be useful in the treatment of glue ear of children?
Solvex (Carbocysteine) is effective in the treatment of children with
glue ear Glue ear is a condition that occurs when fluid and mucus collect in the middle ear behind the ear drum. This happens if you have an infection or other condition that causes inflammation there.
. For every five or six children treated with Carbocysteine over one to three months, one will not undergo surgery for grommet insertion who would have done had they been given placebo.