Frequently Asked Questions about Silymarin plus


Why Silymarin is "Plus"?

Silymarin Plus SEDICO is not only Silymarin but it is a combination of:


Vitamin E 100mg
Vitamin C 150mg
Selenium 25 mcg
Zinc 10 mg
Vitamin A 300 IU.

Silymarin the most potent antioxidant, why?
Silymarin has been shown to have a significant stabilizing and anti-inflammatory effects on hepatocytes through inhibiting the formation of leukotrienes.
Silymarin increases hepatocyte protein synthesis which stimulates the regeneration of hepatic tissue.

What is the Role of Acetylcysteine as a protective agent in Silymarin plus?
Acetylcysteine maintains the normal redox state of liver because Acetylcysteine stimulates Glutathione synthesis; promotes detoxification and acts directly as free radical scavenger.

What is the role of this collection of vitamins and minerals?
This synergistic combination of of vitamin C, E, beta-carotene and selenium represent a powerful group of antioxidant which enhances the enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant protection of the liver.

How this combination be effective in case of liver cirrhosis?
Liver cirrhosis leads to chronic liver damage due to the lipoperoxidation of hepatic cell membranes; anti-oxidizing agents is useful in treating and preventing damage of free radicals and so: