F.A.Q. about Sedo-Mag suspension


Sedo-Mag possesses an excellent combination, what is the role of each component?
Sedo-Mag suspension consists of three components which have the power to provide an immediate and sustained control of hyperacidity:
1- Sodium alginate : 50mg
A floating viscous, demulcent foam neutralizing the refluxed gastric acids and protecting the esophagus.
2- Magaldrate : 480mg
It is a special buffer with no rebound:
Magnesium ion rapidly neutralizes the existing acid while the Aluminum hydroxide reacts more slowly to give a sustained antacid effect.
3- Simethicone :100 mg
Effective ant-flatulence, acting in stomach and intestine.

What characterize Sedo-Mag suspension?
Sedo-Mag is characterized by:
  • Immediate symptomatic relief of hyperacidity and reflux with no rebound
  • Excellent safety in pregnancy and children
  • Palatable with no chalky taste
  • The highest cost effectiveness

What is the recommended dose?
1-2 teaspoonfuls between meals and at bedtime.