F.A.Q. about Phytonadione (vitamin K1)


What are the usage of Phytonadione?
Phytonadione compensate the deficiency of vitamin K in:
  • Sever liver disease
  • Risky newborn babies
  • Patients in intensive care units with vitamin K deficiency
  • Poor diet, parental nutrition, recent surgery
  • Multiple antibiotic therapy and anticoagulants over dose
  • Easy bleeding that may be manifested as epistaxis, bleeding gums
  • Hematurea, bloody stool

How Phytonadione (Vitamin K) saves the fluid of life?
Phytonadione represents a specific antagonist to warfarin and similar anticoagulant:
In patient who are receiving warfarin and have an INR (International normalized ratio) value between 4.5 and 10,Vitamin K lowered this INR ratio the day after administration.