Frequently Asked Questions about Lipona


Should LIPONA (Atorvastatin) be administered at the morning & before breakfast as the other members of statins?
No, you can prescribe Lipona to be administered at any time (day or night), before or after meals... as Atorvastatin’s lipid lowering effect is not related to time of administration or meals, unlike other members of statins; Atorvastatin effects in serum lipid lowering is attributed to the action of its active metabolites rather than the parent drug, so any decrease in plasma concentration or rate of absorption will not affect its action.. This advantage makes the administration of Lipona easier for the patients.

What is the recommended dose of Lipona as a start in most patients?
The recommended starting dose of Lipona is one tablet (10 mg) once daily, the dose should be individualized according to baseline lipid profile & patient response.
Monitoring of lipid profile should be done after 4 – 6 weeks in order to assess the effective dose either to continue with 10 mg or to increase the dose.
In more than 60 % of patients the 10 mg starting dose is effective in achieving treatment goals without any increase in the starting dose.