F. A. Q. about Famotak (Famotidine)


What about the use of Famotak (Famotidine) in patients with hepatic disorders?
Famotak is presents a perfect relief and liver safety in patients with hepatic disorders because Famotak (Famotidine) is not extensively metabolized in liver (only 20 % metabolized in liver ).
The pharmacokinetics of Famotidine has been investigated in ascetic cirrhosis patients, the finding suggest that the dose of Famotidine does not require any adjustment in those patients.

How can Famotak being friendly with the liver?
Famotak is the liver friendly relief:
  • Excellent safety for hepatic patients
  • Rapid onset with longer lasting action
  • Excellent safety on long term therapy
  • No anti-andronergic effects
  • No drug interactions

Does Famotak safe?
Famotak provides perfect protection against NSAIDs induced gastric and duodenal mucosal injury
Famotak is perfect and highly safe in Pregnancy Category "B".