Epoetin FAQ

Why Epoetin SEDICO?
Epoetin SEDICO represents the most advanced recombinant DNA biotechnology synthesized in SEDICO pharmaceuticals.

Sabry A. Alaziz Gohar M. D.; ein shams university
Mohamed Eltohamy Elshazli M. D.; Assiut University
Salah Saad Naga M. D.; Alexandria University
Omar Yehya El-Khashab M. D.; El Kasr El-Eini ,Cairo University
Mohamed A. Kahder Sobh M. D. ;El Mansoura University
Amin Mohamed Roshdy Soliman M. D.; El Kasr El-Eini ,Cairo University
Essam Mohamed Khedr M. D.; Nasr Institute & Wadi El Nil Hospital
Osama A. Elazim Sharaf El Din M. D.; El KAsr El-Eini, Cairo University
Ahmed Adel Hasan M. D.; El Zagazig University
Tariq Gamal El Din Fouad M. D.; Elmaadi Army Hospital
Tariq Zakaria ElBazz M. D.; El Azhar University
Mohamed Amr Ayyad M. D., Nephrology Institute El matareya
Adel Bakr M. D.; Ghoneim Center El-Mansoura:
They approved that Epoetin SEDICO is an effective treatment of anemia of end-stage Kidney Disease in patients on maintenance haemodialysis (ESKD).

How Epoetin Affect significally in the improvement of Hemoglobin and Hematocrit?

Improvement of Hb. & Hct. during the usage of Epoetin SEDICO

Epoetin SEDICO shows significant improvement of Hb. and Hct. values -as shown in the chart- in:
  • Chronic renal failure
  • Chemotherapy induced anemia
  • Surgical hemorrhage (all types of hemorrhages)
Why Epoetin SEDICO?
Epoetin SEDICO:
  • Clinically tested in multicenter studies
  • Excellent safety
  • Excellent cost-effective