SEDICO Products For Treatment Of Allergy

Loratin, Rapido, Rasha

Loratin (Loratidine 10 mg)
  • Loratin-kid
  • Loratin is the drug of choice in allergic rhinitis & skin allergy
    Rapid onset of action
    Simple once daily dose
    No sedation
    No Ant cholinergic effects
    No Significant adverse effects
    High economic value
Rapido (Fexofenadine hydrochloride 120 or 180mg)
  • Rapido Kid
  • The rapid control to allergens under the sun
    Rapid onset of action
    Higher rates of success
    Long lasting effectiveness
    No sedation
Rasha ointment (Jojoba oil & Zinc oxide)
  • rashaointment-kid
  • For skin protection, healing and regeneration.
    Skin damage
    Napkin Dermatitis
    Dry skin
    Distinguished structure
    Neutral PH
    Potent Antimicrobial
    Ideal anti-inflammatory
    Elastin protector
    Active antioxidant

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