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SEDICO Products For Treatment Of Allergy    

Loratin, Rapido & Rasha

Loratin (Loratidine……10 mg)Loratin-kid
Loratin is the drug of choice in allergic rhinitis & skin allergy

Rapid onset of action
Simple once daily dose
No sedation
No Ant cholinergic effects
No Significant adverse effects
High economic value




Rapido (Fexofenadine hydrochloride ....... 120 or 180mg)
rapido-kidThe rapid control to allergens under the sun
Rapid onset of action
Higher rates of success
Long lasting effectiveness
No sedation






Rasha ointment (Jojoba oil ..... 50g & Zinc oxide ..... 8g)
For skin protection, healing anrashaointment-kidd regeneration.
Skin damage
Napkin Dermatitis
Dry skin
Distinguished structure
Neutral PH
Potent Antimicrobial
Ideal anti-inflammatory
Elastin protector
Active antioxidant


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