( Tablets)
  • Domperidone Tablets
  • Composition:
    Each tablet contains:
    Domperidone ……………….10mg

Domperidone is a derivative of benzimidazole that possesses both prokinetic and ant emetic properties.
Domperidone is a dopaminergic antagonist, it increases the basal lower esophageal sphincter pressure, inhibits relaxation of the gastric fundus, enhances antral contractility & relax pyloric sphincter.
Domperidone is absorbed after oral administration, and is excreted in the feaces and urine mainly as metabolites.
The half life time is about 7-8 hours.
Domperidone is not generally considered to cross the blood brain barrier and this excludes psychotropic and neurological side effects.

  • Nausea and vomiting of various origins (functional, infectious, organic or dietic) and those induced by radiotherapy or drug therapy
  • There are no known absolute contraindications
  • The anti-cholinergic drugs antagonist the effect of Domperidone.
  • Raised serum prolactin levels have been observed but these drop to normal when the treatment is discontinued.
  • The drug is avoided during pregnancy due to insufficient human studies.
Not give the medicine:
  • To patients Impaired liver patients
  • To patients with existing abnormalities of electrical activities in heart or heart rhythm.
  • Not used with other medicines with similar effect on heart
  • Not used with medicine which increase Domperidone breakdown

Dosage and administration:
In nausea and vomiting
1 tablets (10 mg) 3 time daily (ONE week only)

Side effects:
Mild abdominal cramps have been reported in rare cases and usually transit.

Keep your tablets in the pack in which they were supplied.
Keep your tablets below 30°C.
Keep your tablets in a safe place where children cannot see or reach them.

Box of 20 tablets.