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The National Institute of endemic diseases and the Liver

Within the framework of activating the role of SEDICO company pharmaceutical in the social contribution had honored of a new trip to provide some voluntary contributions from bio-pharmaceutical products that have an effective impact at the National Institute of endemic diseases and the Liver.

We have to provide about 1200 medical GIT samples of our effective products.

We will move forward in the framework of these ideas, which shows the prestigious company including appropriate and effective products and all thanks to contributed to the success of this great work of every person in our company.

On behalf of all the employees, we extend our sincere thanks to:

 Pr.Dr. Hossam Aboul Enein
(Managing Director and Vice Chairman of the Board)

Dr. Ihab kaldas
(Chief of the commercial sector)

Mr. Kamel Sayed
(Director of Personnel)

 Dr. Ashraf Hamdy
(Marketing Manager)

Dr.Hesham Shoukry
(Scientific Office Manager)

for their generous support to the liver institute for benefit of hundred of patients from the low-income brackets.


All thanks to attendance from the scientific west office

Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim
(West Office manager - GIT)

Fatma Omar
(West office Supervisor)

Dr. Amal Gaber
(HR Department representative)

Dr.  Randa Ahmed
(West office PSR)

Dr.Mohammad Hamdi
(West office PSR)

This in the reception of The National Institute of endemic diseases and the Liver managers

Dr. Hossam Abdul Aziz
(Head of the institute)

Dr. Mohammad Saleh
(Deputy director of the institute)

The preliminary findings of this today is the attendance of the scientific conferences by our supervisors and SEDICO to become the official sponsor to the largest children university in Egypt which will be held in Abu Al-Rish hospital on the 28th. of October and will continue for a period of two months.

Date: 109 November,2016
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Venue: The National Institute of endemic diseases and the Liver - Egypt

"The National Institute of endemic diseases and the Liver"  

SSEDICO attendance

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