SEDICO... Now in Italy
  • Dr.Olfat Ghorab & Dr. Awad Gabr
  • ACDIMA is looking forward to the world.
    Dr. Olfat Ghorab (Chairman of ACDIMA) said that SEDICO is the first Egyptian pharmaceutical company to export to Italy.
    Dr. Awad Gabr Khalil (President of SEDICO and Managing Director) said that the company has registered five products and SEDICO will soon be awarded the European Accreditation Certificate. According to the new strategy, which aims at permanent presence in foreign markets and strive to open new export markets.

SEDICO Pharmaceuticals Company has successfully exported the first shipment of "Acetyl-cycsteine ​​600mg sachets" to Italy. This is the first time an Egyptian pharmaceutical company has exported pharmaceuticals to Italy in Europe.

  • Acetilcisteina 600mg
  • Dr. Awad Gabr Khalil (Chairman and Managing Director - SEDICO) added that there is another five products of the company's products have already been registered in Italy, including Omega 3 Plus Capsules, Silymarin for liver diseases, Sport Drink sachets beside to Acetylcisteine, which was recently exported under the name of "Acetilcisteina 600 mg" and it is a instant soluble powder used as a mucolytic.

Dr. Awad Gabr adds that SEDICO Pharmaceuticals is a specialized company in the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals such as Insulin for the treatment of diabetics and Epoetin (Erythropoetin) used in the treatment of kidney failure patients, Somatropin (Growth Hormone) and Sedonase (Streptokinase) to dissolve clots and other important preparations that SEDICO manufactures locally.

The head of SEDICO also revealed that the company is preparing in the next few months to receive an inspection visit from the European Union to obtain a certificate of European accreditation, which will open the field of export to all countries of the world.