ACDIMA: Inuslin production line of SEDICO
restores its full production capacity
  • Dr.Hala Zayed & Dr.Awad Gabr
  • Dr. Olfat Ghorab (Chairman of ACDIMA) confirmed the reforming of the insulin production line of SEDICO company, one of Academa Group , which had been in fire for some time now and restore its full production capacity.
    Dr.Olfat added that there are no crises in the provision of insulin currently. Group companies such as MUP and SEDICO provide all the needs of Insulin for the ministry, adding that there is an abundance of quantities offered in the markets.

Dr. Awad Gabr Khalil (Chairman and Managing Director of SEDICO) explained that the line works efficiently and the fire has been removed. We provide the needs of the market and the Ministry of Health. The market is one of the national goals of the group.

  • Inslin H MIX

  • Dr.Awad Gabr added that we implement the duties of the political leadership, the Minister of Health and the Chairman of the group to speed up the provision of medicines shortages in the local market, pointing out that there are trends in expanding the international markets in the upcoming period.

Dr. Rasha Ziyada (Head of the Central Administration of Pharmacy) also said that the market is in good condition and that insulin is available in all concentrations in the market, and there is no shortage at the pharmacies, pointing out that the management cooperates with all companies to provide the lack of medicines especially vital ones.

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