SEDICO & Duchenne Awareness Day at SUEZ

Duchenne Awarness Day

Date: 07 September, 2018
Time: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Venue: Port Tawfik Club, Suez - Egypt

SEDICO Pharmaceutical Company was one of the sponsors of  Duchenne Awareness World Day which was held at Port Tawfik club - Suez in cooperation with the Doctors Syndicate of Suez.
Dr. Achizino Nishino, Head of the Department of Musculoskeletal Diseases at the National Institute of Neurology and Neurology, Tokyo, Japan, Dr. Rasha Al-Sharif, Consultant Genetic Diagnosis and Muscular Dystrophy and Dr. Shaima Mohammed, Coordinator of the Conference which was attended by a large number of doctors from Suez.

Dr. Achizio Nishino said that Duchenne disease can be diagnosed through a normal blood test by showing whether there are malformations in the motor neuron 1 (SMN 1) gene, which is responsible for the survival of the motor neuron protein.
He added that nutrition is very important for patients with muscular dystrophy, as is usually the case for patients with any disease or syndrome, adding that all patients with muscular dystrophy live a healthy life, muscles are exposed to rapid atrophy and therefore a balanced diet is needed. Fruits, vegetables, proteins and vitamins, Vitamin D, is very important to alleviate the rapid development of the disease.

Dr. Rasha Al-Sharif said that the diseases of muscle atrophy are called by the incomplete protein or the name of the discoverer of the disease, noting that the ancient Egyptians were the first to draw in their literature about the disease of muscular atrophy.
"The role of protein in the muscles is to keep the casing around the muscle so that it stays intact, but if there is a problem in the body, the problem of muscular atrophy occurs," she said.
She confirmed that the disease begins with birth but is then discovered with the cessation of muscle regeneration cells for a certain period of time, where lesions occur in the cyst after a year or two of birth. She noted that the disease affects not only the muscles but also affects the brain, retina, heart and breathing, so it is necessary to detect all the organs of the body.

And for extension of these information and research data, Prof.Dr.Azzam Mahran (SEDICO Medical Director) made a presentation of the importance of Flazacor (Deflazacort) the only FDA approved drug for the treatment of Duchenne disease.

SEDICO Scientific Office Attendance

  • Dr. Azzam Mahran
    SEDICO Medical Manager
  • Dr. Rami Abdel Tawab
    Cairo East Manager - GIT & Cardio
  • Dr. Alaa Nawar
    Medical Supervisor - Cairo
  • Dr. Naglaa Rashwan
    Medical Supervisor - Suez
  • Dr. Hazem Sayed
    Cardio Product Manager
  • Dr. Elham Hassanein
    Medical Supervisor - Cairo
  • Dr. Rana Shabaan
    Medical PSR - Cairo
  • Dr. Heba Ahmed
    Medical PSR - Suez

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