SEDICO Biotechnology Products

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By the beginning of the new millennium, we SEDICO Pharmaceuticals were ready to face one of the most challenging tasks, we started our marvelous project; the 21st Century biotechnology project.

In fact, it was our dream since a long time, to supply the Egyptian patients with a group of products that were difficult to be produced locally in the past, now that dream comes true.

Our objective is to be able to produce one of the most sophisticated pharmaceutical products through the biotechnology; such products are used to be imported in very high prices, now we are able to supply those products with the finest quality and in with affordable prices.

Through the perfect planning and a lot of efforts, SEDICO Pharmaceuticals have succeeded to build one of the most recent and most advanced biotechnology production units in Egypt that stand equally with those of the multinational companies.

SEDICO Pharmaceuticals is one of the very few leading Egyptian companies that produce the finest biotechnology products.
We started our great project with one of the most important & critical products; Insulin, one of the products of great importance and high value to the diabetic patients.

Other products are listed below…

1- Insulin

2- Sedonase

3- Angikinase

4- Epoetin 2000 & 4000

5- Somatropin

6- F.S.H (Follicle Stimulating Hormone Injection)

7- Filgrastim (Human granulocyte colony stimulating factor)